Friday, April 30, 2010

House Tour: Kitchen!

Today, I am sharing my kitchen with you all. 

First, I would like to show you what it looked like after we first moved in...
Builder's beige.

I HATE the cabinets, but since this isn't a forever house, I
 don't feel inclined to do something just because I hate them...

Enter a happy shade of blue.
I painted this all by myself while Richard was deployed.
The color is called something like "Calm Sky"

Here is the kitchen up close and personal...
I put the Dancing Light along the back wall to draw your eye in from the from door.

Here is a table we adopted after being in the house for a year. 
We eat all our meals here... 

We found this piece long before we bought the table.
I adore it.
Solid wood. 
We got it at an antique shop in town.

I do have plans for the blank wall, I just haven't acted on my vision yet....

Stay tuned for that...

And the wood rectangle on the server is a pie of the coolest Christmas gifts I received this year!
I like to look at it and I have no where to store it, so it lives atop the server.

I would also like to take this time to share my "pantry".
It is the oddly narrowly shaped cabinet that I typically decorate with my kid's paintings...

I was appaled when we moved in and saw this cabinet. 
What in the hell am I going to do with it?

Well it perfecly stores my griddle and grill and skillet...
And NesQuick!

And pasta and breadcrumbs and cereals seem to fit just fine.

Unfortunately, I couldn't do that with my canned goods.
I tried and I went crazy.
And I had no where else to put them because of lack of cabinet space.

So Richard installed these super cool drawers for me.

They were just wide enough to slide in and out easily.
The track screwed into the shelf. 

And we adjusted the shelf size for short and tall canned items.
This change actually changed my life.
Can you tell we eat a lot of pasta?  I have a ton of tomatoes and ready-made sauces.
Gotta buy it when it is onsale!
I also store all of our aprons in here! 
Meredith's little cupcake apron makes me smile everytime I see it!

Thanks for stopping by! 

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