Sunday, May 2, 2010

House Tour: Living Room/"Office"

Directly across from our kitchen, you will see this living area.
And forgive me now for the awful photos.

This is my "office" - this is where I sit and write to you :)

The back wall is still Dancing Light and unsightly cords.
I never realized it looked so awful!!

The chair is quite comfy.

As for the living room....
We purchased this couch over 5 years ago. 
She has been good to us.

This chaise is my favorite seat in the house. 
We found it about two years ago and it was a perfect match for the couch.
The wall color changed to divide this living space from the kitchen.
Georgian Leather.   
As for my photographs, these are some of our favorite still vacation shots...

The top was taken on our honeymoon in Jamacia.
The bottom was taken during our time in Oklahoma.

Then these, I promise they do hang straight on the wall!
The first was taken in Oklahoma.
The second is part of the chain of mountains surrounding Mt. Rainier in Seattle.

And this painting is by my Mere! 
I adore it.
I am trying to find a permanent home for it, but I don't know where right now...
So until then, it will live on my mantle.

And that's it for today, minus all the toys! 

1 comment:

Sarah-Anne said...

Mere's painting is beautiful, and I think ALL of the pictures look lovely! The cords are fine... that's part of having digital things :)


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