Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentine Storage Box

As we have snuck into February, there are only 13 more days until Valentine's Day!
Are you preparing special surprises for your loved ones?
Since my son is in Preschool, we have to send him to school with a decorated box to collect those sweet notes.
We found a kiddie-sized shoe box. You could also use an empty tissue box.
After sorting through my wrapping paper stash, we wrapped the bottom half of the box in a red and white stripe.
The top...I carefully cut a large hole in the center. We covered using white cardstock.
And then Lucas had a marvelous time decorating to his heart's content!
He covered the box around all the edges, insisting that each of the hearts were touching....
And the top was a piece of art.....
We used foam hearts with a sticky side (clearance after last year's VDay at Michael's!!).
I am certain that he will be more than prepared for the love notes from his girlfriends....oh wait, he is only 3!
Do you receive such a mass of Valentine's you need your own box too?
Are you making boxes with your kiddos?
I'd love to see!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dresser Reveal!

I have been admiring our new dresser for nearly a week now.
After my last post, we successfully secured the piece that Monday.
The operation was quite eventful because it involved "repair" of a stubborn drawer before we purchased...which later had to be repaired (really repaired this time) by my husband.
Nonetheless, we decided to just go with the chest for now because our son was not very enthralled with the idea of getting a new dresser. Who would think a 4-year-old would be so stubborn?
Anywho, the big reveal.....
The chest fit perfectly between the windows....

The thing is in EXCELLENT condition, and we plan to keep it as is for now.
We really love it.
So what do you think?
Did we make a great decision?
Or should we have kept our $$$?
Do tell!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Dresser Update

Apparently, this photo has been sitting as a published post for many hours.
I am sure you were wondering where I was going with that....

I have had issues with blogger lately, so please forgive me.
Especially for posting a random photo of a stepstool and boots.

This is actually a photo of the location in our master bedroom that we want to put the chest of drawers.

And now that I look at it, I realize even my mirror is hanging off center....that's normal right?

We have found a chest of drawers we adore!
Only we didn't buy it on the spot, which can be a HUGE problem when shopping in a store like we were.

We were browsing in
the store where we purchased Meredith's dresser and our kitchen server (remember, this is a USED furniture store).

My husband and I saw it independently of one another and loved it without discussion.
The piece was very 60's mod in a beautiful honey color, in excellent condition.

So why did we leave the store without it in hand?
Well, the chest of drawers was accompanied by a dresser with a mirror.

We didn't really NEED to get both, but they were so beautiful.
We considered purchasing the dresser to put in our son's room....his dresser is not very functional for a 28-year-old, much less an almost 4-year-old.

And on top of that, the owner offered to knock $20 dollars off the price if we purchased both pieces.

So we walked away.

We wanted to consider our options. Did we want Lucas to have the larger and more functional dresser? Did we want $20 to make it worth our time?

We have made a decision.
So now let's hope that it is still there when we return to pick it up this afternoon!

Cross your fingers!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Change of Drawers

We are constantly trying to reshape and reorganize our home based on how we live
Although it may take a while to figure out the flow of our life, making a change makes things a LOT easier!
Case and point!
For the past SIX years we have had a child-sized desk in our home.
This desk was quite antique even. 
And not only was it an antique, the desk was passed down from my husband's grandfather.
I used it for my scrapbooking table for a while.
But I have always complained that it was too small. I couldn't spread out my "ideas."
I could barely get my feet to fit underneath, and I am a pretty tiny gal!
This is the only photo I have - and you can't even see what it looked like! 
Since moving to Virginia, the desk has been used as a dumping ground for clothes.
After years of debating its real utility, the hubs woke up one morning and said "We HAVE to get rid of this thing!" 
I told him to sit on the decision for a few days to make sure there were no regrets. Letting go of something you have had your whole life is quite difficult. After two weeks, we finally took it to a nearby (awesome) furniture store and "sold" it to them at the cost of a new pair of jeans -for me, not my cheap husband ;)
We have since been looking for a Chest of instead of creating mountains of clothes that do not fit in our dresser, we can actually calm the chaos.
I recently came across a site that sells modern furniture with FREE SHIPPING!!!
The CSN site offers an array of furniture, storage options and accessories. 
I have to show you some of the options available in Chests for the bedroom!
What do you think of the Taylor Chest?
Then there is the Applewood Chest in Cappuccino!
There are so many wonderful options, that I truly cannot decide which would be the best fit with our bedroom current furniture. 
I do know that I am definately ready for a change of drawers!
Do you have things that you are holding on to that you don't really love?
Do you have places in your home that could be better utilized?
Please share!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Two months have passed. 
I certainly didn't forget about you. 

Projects are always looming over my head! 
I can't believe I have fallen so far behind.

But there are laundry or feeding ravenous preschool-aged children. 

And those priorities have seemed like such a chore since the loss of my mom. 
But she would be disappointed that I have let my mourning ruin the way my day goes.

So let's pretend that it is not mid-January, and that we are back on track with updating you daily on how to be the best domestic diva possible. 

My brother even tried to convince me to do a video-blog on what to do when the queso in the jar gets too low....because even he wants something to read about....even if it is as simple as a cheese annoyance.

And you know, the queso being on your wrist is annoying. 

But that would require a video camera!  Hello!!  Sony - I would be more than happy to review a video camera for you!!

And if you are reading this, thank you for hanging with me. 
So what have you been missing?
What would you like to have more information on?  Besides salvaging the little cheese left in the bottom of your queso jar? 

Let's talk soon!


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