Monday, January 24, 2011

Dresser Update

Apparently, this photo has been sitting as a published post for many hours.
I am sure you were wondering where I was going with that....

I have had issues with blogger lately, so please forgive me.
Especially for posting a random photo of a stepstool and boots.

This is actually a photo of the location in our master bedroom that we want to put the chest of drawers.

And now that I look at it, I realize even my mirror is hanging off center....that's normal right?

We have found a chest of drawers we adore!
Only we didn't buy it on the spot, which can be a HUGE problem when shopping in a store like we were.

We were browsing in
the store where we purchased Meredith's dresser and our kitchen server (remember, this is a USED furniture store).

My husband and I saw it independently of one another and loved it without discussion.
The piece was very 60's mod in a beautiful honey color, in excellent condition.

So why did we leave the store without it in hand?
Well, the chest of drawers was accompanied by a dresser with a mirror.

We didn't really NEED to get both, but they were so beautiful.
We considered purchasing the dresser to put in our son's room....his dresser is not very functional for a 28-year-old, much less an almost 4-year-old.

And on top of that, the owner offered to knock $20 dollars off the price if we purchased both pieces.

So we walked away.

We wanted to consider our options. Did we want Lucas to have the larger and more functional dresser? Did we want $20 to make it worth our time?

We have made a decision.
So now let's hope that it is still there when we return to pick it up this afternoon!

Cross your fingers!

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Shelly said...

Not sure how I wasn't following until now, but I look forward to reading everything!


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