Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Two months have passed. 
I certainly didn't forget about you. 

Projects are always looming over my head! 
I can't believe I have fallen so far behind.

But there are priorities....like laundry or feeding ravenous preschool-aged children. 

And those priorities have seemed like such a chore since the loss of my mom. 
But she would be disappointed that I have let my mourning ruin the way my day goes.

So let's pretend that it is not mid-January, and that we are back on track with updating you daily on how to be the best domestic diva possible. 

My brother even tried to convince me to do a video-blog on what to do when the queso in the jar gets too low....because even he wants something to read about....even if it is as simple as a cheese annoyance.

And you know, the queso being on your wrist is annoying. 

But that would require a video camera!  Hello!!  Sony - I would be more than happy to review a video camera for you!!

And if you are reading this, thank you for hanging with me. 
So what have you been missing?
What would you like to have more information on?  Besides salvaging the little cheese left in the bottom of your queso jar? 

Let's talk soon!

1 comment:

Kayla Cheatwood said...

I'm glad you are back! I've been checking your blog to see if you had written!


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