Wednesday, May 5, 2010

House Tour: Dining Room & TV Room

Sorry for the long interruptions of the house tour!
We are back in action!

And to make up for my incapacity to keep up, I am sharing TWO rooms today!

Here is our dining room!
This table we purchased in Virginia and took to Oklahoma with us. 
We adored it. 
But then we had an eat-in kitchen and it worked perfectly. 
The bar table wouldn't have worked as our "kitchen table" in our current home.
And now we love it less...

We dream of having a huge rustic farmhouse table that seats 12 - okay maybe just 8.
But it would fit into our lifestyle perfecly, because our table has suffered many dings and dents from our kiddos.

But that won't work at the moment, so we will stick with what we have...

I recovered our dining chairs. You can read about the process and reason behind it HERE.
This is what they look like now...

We have plans to paint this room this summer.
The paint color is quite dark not something we would pick (it was like this when we moved in).
The color is also flat paint and has many dings and handprints, ect. 

We also plan to paint the builder's beige with something.

We even have thoughts of flipping the colors and putting a color on top and a neutral on the bottom.

The curtains were put in here because they "matched".
They were in our bedroom.

So were the candles...however, they kept setting off the fire alarm.
Which definately isn't a good way to set the mood...

If I am being honest though, our dining room doesn't really look this perfect.

We actually have our old (new) refridgerator in there.
We purchased it before we moved and ended up finding a house that came with its own fridge.
We considered getting rid of it, but that didn't work out for us...

Beside the fridge, I have a kiddie-sized coat rack that I snagged from my mom's house.
I also moved a storage drawer downstairs to store the kids shoes, our doggies leash, Richard's running watch ect.

Oh and I have gotten to where I leave our easel out instead of getting it out everyday...

And we have a basket of balls, a basketball goal and their kitchen living in their right now.

But you would never know that if I didn't tell you ;)

And directly across from the dining room is where we house our TV.
I despise everything about this room.

When we moved in, I wanted a playroom.
Richard wanted a big couch to match our huge, oversized red chair....

He won that battle. 
He picked out the couch. 
He picked out the curtains.

It looks *okay* together....however, I don't feel like it *fits* in with the rest of our home.
We kept the paint color that was already there. 

The windows are jammed right up next to the door frame, so we couldn't make the rods wider than the window....
Don't get me wrong, the couch is soft and comfy. 
House guest prefer to sleep on it than our pull out mattress in the red chair.

The painting was a steal...

The ottoman stores toys.

This little table is an antique from my Grandma that I used in my college dorm.
How cool is that??

This completes our tour of downstairs!
I look forward to showing you the rest!

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