Thursday, May 6, 2010

House Tour: Multi-Purpose Room

Are you ready to head upstairs with me?

We carried the Dancing Light up the stairwell and into the upstairs hallway.
I have a pile of frames to hang along the stairwell.

I do have these frames hanging on the lefthand side though...

They are random prints - one is a drawing of a Civil War battle that someone gave us.
                                    - one is a panoramic photography of my husband's undergraduate school
                                    - one is the main building of my own undergraduate school

My husband wants to add one of his law school - but I actually took an awesome shot that I plan to blow up and frame for him.....

All the way down the hall, is our "multi-purpose room". 
Right now we are considering making it a child's room - but until then, this is what it looks like!

We have yet to paint.
Here is our guest room portion of the room.
The curtains are a gold, tweedy looking fabric that blackout when closed.  I really do love them - they were in my kitchen in our previous house and I was determined to make them work in our new home somehow.
I was in heaven when I found this duvet cover that would "match".
The bedding is a yellow leaf print from PB.
The dresser is nearly 20 years old.  I grew up with it in my bedroom.
The lamp is a Target clearance - $7!!

Now on to our "office" - which is really the place my husband studies or I sew.
The desk was one of our first furniture purchases as a couple.
It is L-shaped, but can be made smaller.

I would show you upclose photos of wall art, however it is exam time, and I don't want to disturb my hubby's concentration with a flash!

And finally is our "workout" space.
We purchased the elliptical during my husband's deployment. 

The prints are Marathon posters, which my husband adores.
You see my husband runs marathons....with a goal of running one in every state....
and his name is actually printed (in very small print) on the Boston poster on the top!

There is a shadow box of all his marathon medals in the room too, but I forgot to photograph them!

I guess that concludes our tour for today! 

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Noel's Mama said...

Do you know the "code" for the 'Dancing Light' Olympic paint?

I love that color and was thinking about painting the bathroom that color. It will probably NOT be this week, but maybe shortly after we move in (I hope! The bathroom is a BRIGHT blue and I hate it!)


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