Thursday, May 20, 2010

House Tour: Boy Room

I have shown you my son's room before! 
But just a peak when making his valance.

Here is his collage of photos...

His room is beside Mere's.
From the hallway, this is what you will see.

His valance, and another cozy rocker...
The room is painted a blue color that came with the house. 
I opted to work with it because even the ceiling was/is the same color blue. 

Please ignore the fact that his letters are a little crooked.
I made the dinosaur print blanket on his bed. 
His bed frame came from craigslist - brand new - $35 dollars. 

A moment of silence for all the Dr. Seuss books that are in print.
Including all the Early and Bright Beginning books.
Tarjay for  his little green lamp (green is his favorite color-I have to accommodate).
The little nightstand is being made over...

The green bucket stores paper bound books so they can sift through the titles.

One evening, Lucas exclaimed that he wanted a green rug to put beside his bed.
Where he got this idea, I will never know....
I cannot express how difficult it is to find a green rug that will please a 3-year-old.
I was about to resort to a bathmat (he prefers a neon green to a crayola green), when we found this at Marshall's.

I wasn't sure about it, because I knew Rich would hate it.
But I liked the character it had - it is a rag is is quirky.
I planned to leave it in the store to think about it.
But he cried.

Besides, we all know you can't leave something in a store like Marshall's.
So now it lives next to Lucas' bed.

And now that you have way too much information about a rug, let's talk about the dinosaur...

When we moved in, the whole wall was the color of the dinosaur, with a scoreboard.

I primed over the scoreboard part and painted it the same green color in Meredith's room, Aloe Vera.
It took forever, several coats, and the numbers still show through a little.
I have no idea how the previous owners made it almost 3-D.

After the idea to draw a dinosaur on the wall, we decided to use the existing green for the body color and paint around it. 
Such a great idea!  The lines are much smoother.
You can read about the process here.

We took the green up a bit more and then primed and painted the blue.

The toys and overflow of books are stored in the corner.
I like this because stuff can move around, while still looking halfway organized.

This dresser belong to my husband as a child.
Don't be fooled, it isn't as big as it looks. 
And even I have trouble opening the drawers. 

The mirror was a $10 buy when a "hotel" in Oklahoma was getting rid of some of its inventory.

And we have a few wall shelves that are in transition from baby to big boy right now...

The measuring chart lives behind his door.
I purchased this for oober cheap at Ross, and I have one in the works for Mere.

 And now that you have seen Lucas' room, I should tell you that it doesn't even look like this anymore.
 He has experienced a major overhaul.
The toddler bed is gone.  I am sorting and rearranging his life. 

You will have to stay tuned for the finished product! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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