Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sewing Project: Valance

I made a dinosaur blanket for my son's room. 
I had JUST ENOUGH leftover fabric to make a "valance" to match. 

Since I am still LEARNING how to sew, I was worried how it would turn out.
I followed the basic construction of the old valance, and this is how I did it!

I took a 4" wide section of fabric to use for the top of the valance.
Your length will vary based on several things. 
Do you want it to gather?  If yes, Double the window width.
If you want it to hang straight, use your curtain rod placement as a guide.

My curtain rod was an inch off either side of the window.
36" window + 2 " for curtain rod + 1 " seam allowance = 39 inches of fabric

Fold it in half to create 2" of fabric.

Sew together lengthwise.
I used the presser foot as the guide, to sew as close to the edge as possible.

This created a tube.
Turn the tube inside out.

 For the second fabric, use the same calculations for length, with a 1/2 inch hem.
I folded the fabric in and sewed all the way around.

Once that was complete, I sewed the two fabrics together on the wrong side.
I also sewed a finishing seam on the front to ensure the dinosaur fabric would lay flat against the tube.

Thread the tube through the curtain rod and admire your work.

I love this, because you can easily modify to your own taste.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

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Rebekah said...

I suppose, if I asked, our landlord who likes us a lot might let me paint and install a curtain rod but for now I just imagine what I'll do for Sara Ellen's room when we buy a house. I'd love to have pretty curtains. Right now we have blinds in every room so a valance would be so nice. But I do already have in mind how I'd paint her room if she gets her own; probably white bottom, pink swirls in the middle and yellow on top. I wanted lots of bright colors for her but I guess bright pink and yellow are the main ones. I'm a total pro at using stuff I already have. Her dresser is my old one which I scratched and damaged but now it's beautifully covered with a bright pink, frilly crotched (I think) baby blanket that was made for her by my mother's friend. For Girl #2 I'm thinking also bright colors but more blue/turquoise with maybe some red or something. There is a painting for way to much $$ at PBK but it's colors inspired me and there is a crib set on amazon that I'd love to get if we (or a gifter) can get it.


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