Sunday, March 28, 2010

Copy Cat

Children immulate everything that you do. 
I have tons of photos that show this occuring with cleaning and being in the kitchen. 
But lately I have noticed a trend in the craft department...

There is scrapbooking...

and glue gunning
(no worries, it isn't plugged in -- plus my hot glue gun is not really hot anymore.)

For the record, I have always HATED ironing. 
I begged my husband to buy me a dryer with a steam feature.
His answer was to take the clothes out when the dryer was done and fold them immediately so they wouldn't wrinkle. 
So despite how I don't really do this either, I do have my iron out for SEWING. 

So believe it or not, there IS ironing.

and standing on things you shouldn't so you can reach in the kitchen...

and my Mere has already learned about sanding...

1 comment:

Young Mom/Wife said...

I LOVE THIS! The Wee One pretends to vacuum with me, when I get to it. He loves "helping" by cleaning up spills on the floor, and he makes us "food" all the time when I am cooking too. It is fun to watch them.


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