Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Surprising Information!

I first mentioned meal planning in this post.

I don't participate in the sense that I sit down on Sundays and plan out the next week on paper, with mycoupons and with the sale paper of choice.

Instead, I shop with my head, and I cook by theme. 

I read on one of the blogs I follow that a lady is trying a new theme night idea she found in a cookbook. 
Basically, each night you have a "theme" - mexican, american, comfort food, whatever....and this is supposed to make your life easier. 

I already do this. 

Each week, we have a pasta night, a mexican night, a pizza night, a comfort food night (2), and the rest is for leftovers. 

So you can see my surprise, when someone wrote this in a book and is making megabucks. 


Could I really have written a book covering something that seems so simple and effortless TO ME? 

And people would have bought it?

And read it?

And loved it?

And thought my words were golden?

So from now on, I will share every detail with you.

I don't want to miss my big break. 


Tom said...

A few of the blogs I read on web design have compiled a collection of their top posts and published them into a book. Maybe you could do the same thing!

Young Mom/Wife said...

Don't you love it when people make big bucks off of things you ALWAYS do, and see as a "duh!" I hope this site gives you your big break. =)


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