Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Domestically Devon!

Domestic is defined  in many derivations of the same basic meaning:
"a devotion to the home life or home affairs" Source
"of or relating to the family or household" Source
"fond of homelife and household affairs" Source

Growing up, my "dream" was to create a home, a family, and a loving life together.
Many would say that domestic is a word used to describe me.

So, I have turned my name into a verb and will be showing you all things that make OUR home....

I want to use this blog as a forum to share my thoughts and creativity....

I want to share craft projects that my children do for crafttime.

I want to share my craft projects that I do for myself....

I want to share tutorials for how I do things. 

I want to show you how we get organized. 

I want to share my favorite recipes. 

I want you to join me, and I hope you always have a take-away.

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