Saturday, March 27, 2010

Out of Control

My house looks absolutely insane right now.
Things are worse than any wrath of my children. 

Instead it was created by me! 
Imagine my home like it is suffering from the stomach flu, and projectile vomitted THINGS all over the house. 

I have projects that have taken over rooms. 
And to make matters worse, we have company coming on Sunday! 

I can't wait to share a lot of the things I have in the works! 

I am busy planning my Mere's 2nd birthday party, which includes lots of crafts I will show you!
I am going to begin a full-scale wood working project.
I am thinking about paint colors for a couple rooms in the house.

In prepping for the upcoming party, I tested out this recipe from Bakerella.

They took a lot of patience and were somewhat calming to me.
I absolutely believe that I will be doing the balls (without a stick or dipping) again in the future.
I enjoyed the taste of the cakeballs a gazillion times better BEFORE they were dipped in the candy melts.
The dipping added too much sweetness, and took away from the flavor of the ball.

The ball was everything a cake should be. 

Icing was evently distributed in every bite.

The cake was moist and delicious. 

Definately try them. 

Use them as an excuse not to clean your house.  You won't regret it!

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Newport Singer said...

Can we see some pictures of the house??!! I want to compare!


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