Saturday, April 24, 2010

"How I Met My House!"

I missed a party that was called "How I Met My House!" 
I like the idea of sharing the story of such...

So rewind 2 years - to Feburary 2008.  I was 34 weeks pregnant with my daughter and my husband was in Army limbo land as to what path we were to explore school?  deployment? 

We had been waiting for a LONG time and finally word came that my husband was going to deploy to Iraq come May.  He would have to defer law school. 

We made the decision to move our family across country to be closer to the law school before he left for the deployment.  I didn't want to move alone (or with 2 littles alone, rather)....

In one weeks time, we set up movers, packed up our home, and traveled across the country to Virginia.  We stayed with family while we made preparations to find a place to call our own. 

My husband wanted to purchase again (We purchased our home in OK). 

And based on the specifics of what we wanted, a realtor took us on a whirlwind tour of 20 homes in one day. 

After an exhausting day, we ranked the houses based upon our notes and placed our first bid. 
I still think about this house, but it was on the high end of our price range.
We couldn't go higher than we offered, and the bid was rejected.

The second house we bid on was not vacant.  And although the seller had noted they would leave quickly, they were not willing to leave by the end of the month.  Strike 2.

The third house we placed a bid on was not one of our favorites, but it seemed like the next best option. 
Our bid was countered and we accepted.

With time NOT on our side:
we opted to ignore the fact that this house had NO storage, but was 2X the size of our home in OK.
we opted for a two week closing...
we opted to sign a decorators contract, where we could move our things in before closing.  

We signed our contract on Wednesday and on Friday the movers were arriving with our things. 
Everything was a whirlwind!  But everything lined up perfectly so everything would fall into place. 

I am forever grateful for that, because I had bigger things to worry about ---
like find an OB who would accept a 36 week pregnant woman....
like getting an address so insurance would process the proper paper work.
like popping out this baby BEFORE the due date so my husband could meet her before he deployed....
like setting up a home before my life spun out of control! 

So this is the place we now call our own! 

And in order to not neglect my blog....
in the coming days I will be giving you a insider's tour of the rest of the house! 
Look forward to seeing you then!

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