Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shed Stopper

Yesterday, I was determined to finish at least one of the three projects I am currently working on. 

I wrangled the kids out of the backyard to help me get some things out of our shed....
Which was stressful enough in itself. 

Little did I know, things would only get better.

I put the key into the lock of my shed and turned....

I had to encourage my littles to move out from their favorite spot, hanging onto each of my legs...so I could open the door.

Looking down, I ALMOST stepped into the entry way from the ramp, when I stopped dead in my tracks.

A small white and green head poked around the door.  I instantly screamed at the kids to get down.  I freaked out beyond necessary - which I forgot to NOT do.

I try to keep it low key for Lucas because I don't want him to be afraid of thing, but sometimes I forget.

Regardless of that, there was a freaking SNAKE in my shed.

I immediately call Richard - thinking he could solve my problem even though he would not be home for another several hours.

And he did exactly what I figured...he laughed.

"Are you sure it is a snake?"

No dummie.  You are right, it must be a worm, that I mistakenly thought was a snake.

"Yes Honey!  It was a freaking snake!"

"It WAS a snake?  Where is it now?" 

"I don't know, I came back from getting the phone and it was gone!"

"Well, he is probably gone.  He isn't going to hurt you!" 

"You mean he is hiding in the shed in the wood I wanted to pull out?!  I am not going in there!" 

"Okay, well just shut the door and I will look for him when I come home!" 

Why I needed to call him and let him tell me to not go in the shed - when I wasn't going in the shed anyways, is beyond me.

But it made me feel better, and I am sure it gave him something interesting to laugh about during his last class...not that the Regulation of Vice isn't interesting....

Regardless,  I cannot finish my projects because I am scared.

Scared of a little critter that is 1/64 my size.

And for all anyone knows, may have been a giant worm. 

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Young Mom/Wife said...

I would have done the same thing you did, and my hubby would have laughed at me too. Heck he found a teeny one that did look like an earth worm and I told him to throw it over the fence and get it the heck away from me.

Sounds like you need to get Rich to get the wood you need for those projects....and carry a sharp object any time you want to go in the shed now.


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