Monday, April 12, 2010

Meredith's Abby Cadabby Party!

My Mere's 2nd Birthday Party was this past Saturday.  We did most of the prep work on Friday.

So after a lot of this... 

We ended up with this!
An Abby Cadabby Party!
The color scheme was purple, pink and baby blue.
(Luckily, my kitchen is already blue and offered an awesome backdrop for everything)
And because I am willing to admit that this photo isn't the best, let's show you the close up!

We baked strawberry cupcakes and red velvet cupcakes - both with strawberry icing....and pink sprinkles.
(of course!) 
48 wonderful cakes of heaven.

I wrapped the center rod of my cupcake holder with lavendar ribbon and tied the end piece in a bow.
The "2" candle I found just happened to be in purple.
I pulled two stems of hydrangea out of a wreath to decorate the table.

The purple "table cloth" is a piece of fabric I purchased years ago to use as a "table cloth" for a baby shower -two yards at $1 a yard!
I picked up the little pink buckets in the dollar section of Tar-jay back in Feburary, which were great for holding silverware, and candy!

I had "fairy wand" pops that I put Abby Cadabby stickers on and placed inside of a mini-bucket.
And do you see those pink krispie treats?  I am going to show you how to make those!

I used Meredith's Easter Basket to hold the treat bags for the kids.
I will show you how to make those too!

The mini pink buckets also held pink and purple M&M's.
Richard says "Did you buy those expensive M&M's just so you could have pink ones?"

No honey, I would never do that! 
I bought a bag of M&M's that support BREAST CANCER AWARENESS!
Along side our Abby plates and napkins, they look so beautiful!

I also made one, yes just one, tissue paper flower ball
I ran out of time people!

We hung it alongside long twists of crepe paper
and a few Abby hanging paper decorations and way too many balloons.

Besides the dessert table, we had a lunch spread which included burgers and hotdogs, pasta salad a la devon, cole slaw, baked beans, fruit and a random mix of chips.

Oh and I cannot forget the PINK PRINCESS PUNCH! 
Recipe will be coming soon! 

My baby girl was surrounded by all of those who love her, was very spoiled, and loved every minute of it!

Happy Birthday Mere!


Sara said...

Adorable! Great job with the details - super cute and princessy. Yes, that is a word...or at least now it is.

Young Mom/Wife said...

Everything turned out amazing! The smile on Mere's face says it all. You are one awesome Momma, and party planning extraordinaire.


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