Wednesday, April 28, 2010

House Tour: Entryway!

I am so excited that you came to visit!
Come on inside!

Once you step inside, you will be enveloped in a calming green.
Olympic's Dancing Light.
I adore it.
I LOVE green and somehow this color acts as a neutral.
We have used it along the hallway upstairs and down.
Also, along the back wall of the house to connect the living room and kitchen(open floor plan).

I am not excited about the entryway.
I want something beautiful to pull you in.
I am planning to frame photos of the kiddos to put there....
But I stuck this here a long time ago, and just never thought about it again.

I doubt you can read it, but this print was purchased
10 years ago during Beach Week after HS graduation.

The bench was spontaneous clearance find...
I had no clue when I bought it, where it would go, but I couldn't leave it in Lowe's.
(Did you know Lowe's sold accessories like this?  Neither did I, but only in large stores!)

The pillows were a clearance find way before I ever even chose the paint color.
I originally purchased them for the Master Bedroom, but they didn't match.

After painting the green, I realized they fit perfectly! 

Family photos and a montage of Meredith around 8 months greet you in the hallway...

And please freshen up before you come in!
This was one of the rooms we did not paint. 
I can't quote the color name for you.

I despise it.  I think it is too dark for such a small room.
But, alas, it is not a priority for me at the moment...

What WAS a priority was covering up HUGE holes the previous owners left behind.
Since we didn't have the paint, we couldn't spackle them
(and they didn't have the decency to do so either!)

We measured and searched for a shelf that would mask the damage!
Target is where we found the white shelf.  

I know it looks awful high, but in leiu of painting, this was the best solution for us.
And I love this little basket! 
I (usually) store extra TP in there with the wipes.

And yes!  We do have extra TP.  

I am reminded of a little ditty I read a while ago...

Stop by tomorrow to continue our tour!

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