Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sheet Shopping

we recently purchased my son a mattress to replace his toddler bed.

the prep-work for moving to a "real" mattress is important...

first a waterproof mattress pad for those "just in case accidents"
i ended up going with a simple waterproof pad from wally world, that did not have the vinyl loud factor.

canopy brand.

then, the character sheets.  
character sheets are essential in the little kid world. 

only, they don't make things with the same durability and quality from years ago.
my mom still has my brother's ninja turtle sheets ---
they are still in fabulous shape and are over 20 years old.

my sheets i had for college didn't even last that long. 
and i was absolutely appalled that twin character sheets were $24 dollars!!
 and were VERY VERY cheaply made.

my son wanted a TOY STORY bed, so I had to accomodate.

but i wanted to have a spare set of sheets and did not want to pay that kind of money for something of such poor quality.

that's where a lucky trip to TJ Maxx saved the day! 
lucas likes fire engine.
he wants to be a fireman when he grows up.

and they had one set of fire engine, twin sized sheets!

he was sold immediately.

and at $19.99, i was sold too!

the quality is WAY better than the Toy Story sheets currently on his bed.
and i am pleased that they were nearly $2 cheaper than the cheap-o sheets!

so what cool deals have you found lately? 
do you love discount shopping as much as i do?

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Jonathan, Amy, Addison and Bennett said...

I felt the same way when I bought Addie some Dora sheets from Walmart. They were so thin and I thought the characters were going to come right off. Thankfully Addie likes her plain pink sheets just fine.


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