Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pot Holders

When I was growing up, I used to weave potholders with a square hook and loom contraption. I was always very proud of my beautiful, multi-colored creations and gave them away to family members.

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Obviously, they weren't good enough for REAL potholders.

I never realized that at the time.

I also never realized that I would eventually have pot holders in my own home that were "not good enough."
For the past five and a half years, I have broken in a few select potholders.

They folded perfectly around the edges of pans filled with yummy goodness.

They sat lovingly underneath a casserole.

These potholders were well-loved.

Well, they were well-loved by me.

My husband hated them.

What he hated about them was what I loved the most....

So I unwillingly went shopping for new potholders. Coincidentally, that same day, Target was COMPLETELY sold out of EVERY potholder they kept in stock.

I should have taken this as a sign, but instead, I just went to a different store.

I came across potholders that were not like I wanted.

I have grown to love them.
Several months have passed, and I have broken in these glorious pot holders.

And they are even more amazing than the ones I have loved for five years.

They are sold at Bed Bath & Beyond

Kitchensmart Pot Holders
(Sorry!  This is the only photo I could find of them, which includes kitchen towels as well!)

They are rectangular in shape. 
They have a double opening on one side, so your hand can fit inside - without the cumbersome feel of an oven mitt. 
They have neoprene non-slip gripping on the opposite side. 
They protect up to 500* F.
They are machine washable. 

They are fabulous. 

We are super happy with them.

And it goes to show change isn't as bad as you initially think it is.

Do you have anything in your home that your husband hates and you adore?
Have you ever had to try something new because your old favorite was no longer available?

Do tell!

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