Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oh Crap!

One of the blogs that I obsessively read has offered a challenge.  I am a little behind on announcing that I am doing this, but I have been working on her challenge:

A "Get the Crap out of my House" Challenge

I have been wanting to eliminate the crap for such a long time.  I have such trouble moving stuff OUT of the house though. 

I have the mentality that we MAY use or need the item again.  (i.e. baby gear, etc.)

But that is another post for another time....
I am however, using this post as a public announcement for decluttering  and moving crap out of my home.
That way all of you can hold me accountable....

I have cleared the clutter from my dining room/toy room. The room is currently closer to a ONLY dining room again.  No more scrapbooking stuff on the dining table, no more random crap on the floor.

We sorted through the toys in our living room's storage ottoman.
All of the things that aren't being played with or are no longer age appropriate have been removed.

We have cleared the clutter from all flat spaces in our home, desk, server, countertops.
I am going paperless on all of my bills/statements.  The only reason I am not already is because I like to receive snail-mail.  And that is a super-lame reason.

I am relieved at the amount of clutter this will reduce, because that means no more piles of unnecessary things I have to file or shred!

I have committed to working around my house slowly and seeing that I can remove. 
I am cleaning out drawers, one day at a time. 

Do you feel like your house is overrun with crap?
Let's commit to removing it together!

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