Thursday, August 19, 2010

Faucet Upgrade

We have been doing a great deal of work around our home lately. 

The most recent addition is a kitchen faucet.
I looked high and low for a "before" photo, but cannot find it...
But we had a builder's grade faucet that had begun to change colors.

After much shopping, we chose something way cooler.

We let the hot hubby do all the hard work, like read the directions.

I did the easy work, like push the actual plumbing tubes down the hole.
Don't be confused though, the hard part of tightening everything has to be left for the hot hubby.

Screwing things is such hard work that shirts have to be removed.

But alas, we have a brand new faucet.
I never thought that something like this would truly improve my life....
But it does...

I have never been so inspired to keep my kitchen clean!

Have you made any changes recently that left you saying "Wow!  Why didn't I do this sooner?"
Do tell!!


Young Mom/Wife said...

Very pretty! Is it a sprayer/faucet? I have so many "to do's" it isn't even funny, but I am most proud of the new floors we put in last year. They did wonders for our home.

Devon said...

Yes! It is a sprayer/faucet that pulls down. It is awesome!


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