Thursday, February 10, 2011

White and Bright

Do you notice anything different about our home?

Yeah, I didn't figure you would.
You don't visit enough!
How about from this angle?

Several months ago (and I mean SEVERAL - as indicated by the lack of snow and green trees in our yard), we painted our front door.
The door was a hideous burgondany color that the previous owners had tried to color match to the front shutters. The same color was used in our dining room.
The paint was peeling off and looked awful.

So we wanted to wait until fall to paint.
Cooler temperatures meant low humidity (which is rare in Virginia!), so the paint would go on smoother and adhere better.
I put the husband to work.

Primer first....then paint.

I did help. I promise.
I took the photos.
Just kidding! I painted!

The paint took two coats even with the primer!

But the door being white reflects the light, so our home seems brighter when the front door is open!

And for the record, I don't have my Christmas decor up any longer!
Scroll up to reexamine the finished product!

More painting projects to be posted soon!

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