Thursday, September 16, 2010

Preschool Painting

My kiddos LOVE to paint. 
LOVE it!
Painting is the only activity that will hold their attention longer than 15 minutes. 

And painting may seem daunting to you. 
The supplies to drag out.  The mess to clean up.

But if you do it right, painting can be a great creative outlet for your kids.
Have supplies on hand and easy to grab so you can entertain your kids while you make dinner.

In my craft closet, I have a basket that I fill with items we are currently working on.  
You can see more about the craft closet here

I have a small tin to hold brushes.
I purchased it at Michael's from the $1 bin.

I have paint. 
Washable paint.

I used to let the kids dip from these big jars of paint....but I learned quickly...

I refill these little painting pods with the paint.
Each child can use an aray of colors without me monitoring how much paint they take out.
I just grab these out of the basket with the brush tin.

We wear old T-shirts as "painting shirts" just in case,
so we don't have to worry with paint getting on clothes and getting on furniture.

And just like that, my kiddos are happy and distracted so I can create our dinner!

Are there any quick tips that you have to making life easier with your kiddos?
Do you let your kids paint?

1 comment:

Sara said...

I love the giant roll of paper from layer under whatever they are working on keeps all messes easy to clean up. And I also like the foam brushes (20 for $1 at Michael's) to just throw out if I don't feel like cleaning them out.


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