Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Over 20 days have passed since my last post. 

I have neglected my faithful readers. 
I am willing to admit that I have been a domestic failure as of late. 

I spent the past few months living life...
without cleaning a single toilet or cooking a delicious meal.

I have thrown all crafting by the wayside, and long-forgotten about half-finished crafts.

How do my blog, cleaning, cooking and cleaning all fall from the center of my world you ask?
After all, all of those things make my world go around.

Well, my husband was working away from home for the summer and we traveled along with him!
We lived in an extended stay hotel near his place of buisness.
We ate out for nearly every meal.

I have been spoiled. 
After some time, you become used to not cooking and cleaning. 
And you lose the desire to do so once you realize how much more free time you have....

I secretly pretended I was living the life of the rich and famous.

Not really....

Although this seems like a sweet deal, we all grew tired of the lifestyle....
the constant restaurant meals, the lack of space, sharing a bedroom with the kids, the ability to wash clothes freely... 

Bittersweetly, we are glad to be back in our house. 

I randomly posted thingsin the passing weeks to keep you guys interested.

Yet, lately, the level of neglect has been incredible.  I do apologize! 

There is still unpacking and reorganizing to do around here though.

I hope to get things back on track soon. 

Until then, what have you been neglecting? 
Do you have a blog? 
Your housekeeping?


Sara said...

I've been neglecting my house...and my blog...glad to have you back! Also glad you were able to take some time away!

Kristin said...

Thank you for visiting me from The Pleated Poppy! I'll be writing about my acne fight on Monday. Hope you get a chance to stop by!


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