Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First Wood Project: Picnic Table

A few months ago, I found this AMAZING site called Knock Off Wood.

Ana had designed plans to copycat so many things I had torn out of magazines to make one day...

She gave me a starting point to create, and I started to make a list of all the things I wanted to build, and the schedule of when Richard and I would be able to tackle them. 

Then one day last week, she posted plans for a miniature picnic table! 

Something about that post inspired me to get my feet wet and tackle a large project NOW- much larger than "designing and building" a jewlery holder for Meredith.

We bought the FIVE PIECES of wood on our trip to the Build and Grow Session at Lowe's.  (A grand total of $18.01)

They will STRAIGHT cut for free, so Richard had them cut to size, while I searched the store for the other necessary supplies. 

Let me tell you, when your husband tells you to go pick out screws - it is HARDER than choosing a color of nail polish. 

There is a two-sided aisle dedicated to various screws.  After about 10 minutes of searching, I returned to the wood desk with a very impressed husband. 

With the wood in hand, I was ready to begin!

After putting the kids to bed, I put on my pj's and got to work in the living room.
Richard stayed to "supervise"  and snapped a few photos before he went upstairs to read.

I took special care in countersinking all of the screws.
This means that the screws are driven into the wood and then covered with wood filer so you cannot see them on the finished product.

I had to welcome my Mere downstairs, after a bad dream.
She carefully assisted in the final drilling.

And happily tested it out!

I am so excited about it!

I think it is incredibly beautiful. 
Something about making something yourself gives you such a great sense of accomplishment!

I will post full photos after I finish it. 

I get to test out my sander that Richard gave me for Christmas, and paint this baby!

Thank you Ana for your wonderful inspiration!
My children are in heaven! 


Sarah-Anne said...

WOW. I am VERY impressed, and I LOVE it!!! Way to go, you!!! Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of this lovely table. Will you keep it indoors or outside? Will your little ones help you paint it?

What fun:)

Anonymous said...

I second SA's comment! WOW! So impressive, and super inspiring.

Ana White said...

How special to build with your daughter! Nice work, looks great! Can't wait to see what paint color you choose!

Noel's Mama said...

What a neat idea! You did a great job, and I love the color too.

N. said...

Great job! I followed you here from Ana's website so I could see your project. How long did it take you to do this? I'm thinking of tackling it myself and want to do it without my husband knowing about it, lol.


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